IAAN EDUCATION - The Way Forward

Dear Students and Faculty, 

In the times of Coronavirus IAAN has been working at full-capacity to ensure that we are able to continue student education in the right way.

For this, we are in constant communication with the HRD Ministry and Makhanlal University since March 2020, even before the Lockdown was implemented. 

Some Important Steps we have taken so far are:

1. Starting in February, we had started holding College Meetings on Covid-19 informing students and giving them the Proper Guidance.

2. In February end itself, a month before the Lockdown, we reached out to the HRD Ministry for Directions on how to proceed forward in terms of College Education.

3. In early March, due to Delhi Riots, College shifted its priority to ensuring safety of all students and IAAN Community and then launched a healing photography series titled -- Capturing Harmony - to spread the message of love instead of hate. We are extremely proud of the work our students did in making this beautiful Photo Series.

4. Colleges and schools in Delhi were closed on 12 March under directions by the Delhi Govt. due to Covid-19. On 18 March 2020, IAAN Launched Online Education Modules starting with IAAN Divisions. We waited a few days until students reached their homes safely.


5. On 4th April, after reviewing the success of the Online Module and getting all necessary permissions, IAAN Started Online Theory Classes for students.

It is important to note that the Online Theory Courses do not end in April. They Continue onto May 2020. Therefore on 4th April, students had an academic chart till May end.

Now, after the Lockdown has been extended till 3rd May 2020, we have more important information.

A. The HRD Ministry will be making important announcements in the coming time. We will wait for those decisions to be made public before giving detailed instructions to students on how to proceed further.

B. All Online Courses that we have given you under Online Education Modules, have both Youtube Interactive videos and e-text books along with live assignments and real time teacher guidance available.

C. On 20th April, much of the country will re-opening. IAAN will be launching new education initiatives after 20th April

We are waiting until then as all the Districts in the Country are undergoing review as announced by Honourable Prime Minister in his National Address on 14 April. Currently it will be premature to make announcements before the ground situation is finalised. 

As this is an infectious disease, much can change over the next 2-3 days. 

We currently ask all students and faculty for their cooperation and reiterate to students that they should do the courses online and the Division Assignments. 

Thank you.

Ayush Garg
Associate Director