Our Broadcast Television channel IAAN TV is a Nationally permitted private satellite TV channel registered with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India


The Channel is currently Live on Youtube

The Channel symbolises Innovation, Integrity, Accessibility, Acceptability, Novelty and Neutrality

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Our Feature Film Gomukh Se Ganga Sagar Tak

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IAAN TV is amongst the Nation's first Electronic Mass Media Channels dedicated to social empowerment through education and information and is perhaps the only Edutainment Channel in the country to have tele-classrooms for students of Mass Communication and youth.

About the Channel

Our Aim is Sensibility and Sensitivity, Not Sensationalism

IAAN TV has a very special place in the bouquet of innumerable other channels in India as our focus is on women, children, health, education and the social sector. With so much negativism on our TV screens, a Positive Channel is much needed and indeed required. That is where IAAN TV steps in.

We believe in flowing against the tide. While other channels are convinced that it is the negative and sensational that promises to grab more eyeballs, we believe that reaching the heart is more important, and also more effective, than grabbing eyeballs. We are determined to highlight all positive efforts.


IAAN TV as part of National Media


Special Diplomatic Interviews

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Professional Training in IAAN TV Channel for IAAN students

IAAN TV being a Professional TV Channel, currently live on YouTube, has a specialised training division for IAAN students who want to build a career in Broadcast Television. The Training Division transforms freshers into comprehensive Reporters, Camerapersons, Anchors and Producers and also recruits students into the professional workforce of IAAN TV. A large of number of students have started their media careers with IAAN TV and gone on to join national and international channels like Aaj Tak, NDTV, APB News, Republic TV, Zee News, Doordarshan etc.

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National Press Cards for IAAN TV Trainee Journalist Students

IAAN TV being a nationally permitted satellite TV channel, has the authority to issue National Press Cards to its workforce, to enable national and international media coverage in India. The Channel takes this authority and responsibility very seriously. To encourage budding journalists and give them a glimpse of the power of the media, special Press Cards are issued to Trainee Journalistic students who are trained and selected under the IAAN TV student division at IAAN School of Mass Communication. These National Press Cards enable the selected students to attend national and international media conferences, government programmes and functions, under the supervision of Senior IAAN TV Professional Journalists.

 This makes IAAN School of Mass Communication one of the very select specialised media institutions in India, who have the ability to train media students with Official Pres Cards.

National Press Cards for Students      


Students who trained under IAAN TV and Graduated with Great Placements in National Media

Mohd Zaheen, ZEE NewsDeeksha Yadav, Aaj TakSurendra Dasila, ZEE MediaAmandeep Singh, BBCShailesh Gaur, Republicew


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