Student Media Show and Debate

Is the Karnataka High Court Judgement Right?


Dear Students,

A Special Student Media Show and Debate is being organised to discuss the recent Karnataka High Court 129 Page Judgement on the permissibility of wearing the Hijab in Government Schools/ educational institutions. 

As Media Students, all students have been taught how to read and report on Court Judgements, trials and Case Law. It is time to put that theoratical knowledge in practise. Each student participating in the Debate will be alloted 5 - 10 mins to present the facts of the case from a Media Perspective. 

Special emphasis will be given on Article 14, 15, 19, 21 and 25 of the Constitution of India - as they pertain to this particular judgement.

Student Shubham Raja (MAMC II) will anchor and moderate the Talk Show & Debate. We look forward to a wonderful student debate from all of you.

All students are invited to attend and watch the event. To participate please send in your names to the designated CR.